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Cowboys Up "Armageddon"
by Ty Hardin


This book is an urgent call for patriots, who cherish freedoms, to take action before the world globalists turn the society into a disaster or something worse. From politics, to religion, to health, to environment, to media, and more, author Ty Hardin pens down his intense observations, compelling views and perceptions, and strong beliefs and thoughts of what’s happening in the world – especially in America – these days. He points out how humanity has accepted the works and demands of the world leaders, how they have become openly receptive to the mega-media micro processing of their minds, how they have lost their God-awareness and common sense, and how they have become puppets to a cleverly contrive, media-hyped world. This is an honest and frank presentation of how people have allowed themselves to be raped of their dignity and property. They have lost their creative qualities and senses, how they seek the mindless entertainment, and how they are blinded by a the new-age media mentality. Though the world is on its downturn, you must not lose hope under the stress of an economic disaster–seek your contribution- because there is still a loving, caring God who empowers light bearers into preserving His world. He has not lost control, and as you read and imbibe the values and lessons taught to author Ty Hardin’s Cowboys Up, may you be enlightened into realizing the divine purpose you are meant to live and lead. It’s time for a real change, time to heal, and time to act, which starts with yours truly.