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Cowboy Up ďArmageddonĒ is the Title of my new book that has just been released by Xlibres Publisher. I hope you will get a copy and I will autograph it for you Free, big deal. I am steadfast in completing my last literary contribution, my auto-bio. Iím trying to get all the help I can from my kids scattered all over the world and Australia. Just a lot of my past is a blur. Sign of old age and dementia. Hay Folks I saw Clintís last film Grand Torino. He didnít play the Prosecutor as he was just a angry old man. I was offered the Italian film he made.  Check Wikipedia- ďFistful of DollarsĒ- for verification. I didnít like the film, it was taken from a Japanese film, Italians called. Pugno de DollariĒ  I saw that film in Rome with Sergio. It was in Japanese with Italian sub-titles. Iím not much on promoting the use of bad language, excess violence, and total neglect our judicial system of checks and balances. Bad images for our kids and my  Baptist grandmother would turn over in her grave. I think our movie industry needs a overhaul and start standing up for the values we uphold as sacred and wholesome for our nation. We are a nation founded on Christian principles and values. Even if you donít agree with our system, donít ignore its success, as Christianís believers built the greatest nation this world has ever seen.             

The fact that we have turned our backs on our Godly virtues is the prime reason our nation is headed for a train wreak. How did our Jesus deal with the moneychangers? He threw them out of His church. Who let them back into the church? You did. Youíre entitled to believe what you like, but Men of God seeking religious freedom established this nation and we own them our allegiance even if we donít believe in their God of Creation. Our currency carries their trade mark ďIn God we TrustĒ Live with it and respect it, for if we donít, we will reap a whirl wind of disaster like has never been witnessed before in our History. You may not agree with our founding fathers but the sub-humans that now control our monetary system are destroying our nationís freedoms with financial bondage and their no-win wars. We cannot sit back and watch our nation being reduced into financial slavery while your kids are being stationed all over the world protecting their globalist assets.  Cowboys get off your butts out of their usury debt. Put a stash away of food and ammo. We will be called on to retake our land for God. Iím referring to the Bibleís prediction of the last days. What if God is right?  Call me an alarmists or a bible thumper, but I am preparing for the worst and praying for a revival. This present collapse of our economy is just a clear picture of the events to come.  Having a black president may be a giant step in your eyes for equal opportunity but it was not as it does make a gigantic statement? When the economy hits a brick wall, the frustrations of despair and hunger goes too the streets, the armed masses will be the most lethal mass of humanity in the entire world. What do you think their Homeland security is all about? They canít augment their One World Order without disarming or killing Patriots and they well know it. Folks, freedom is walking on thin ice looking for a miracle. What if our  Black President cannot unite our nation, restore the Constitution. All Hell Will Break Loose.

ďA Friendly Warning Ē

There very well could be uprisings and RACE discrimination issues throughout our nation. The flood gates of our boarders have been opened for years and a population of illegalís starving in our streets just might make a loud noise. We are all Americans, First and Foremost, devoted to protecting our Constitution and our Christian heritage from enemies both Foreign and Domestic. The World Globalist have no respect for Godís creation and their greed and desires for total World Control are now apparent too all who have opened their eyes. Marshall Law will be implemented and Homeland Security will protect their butts from the millions of armed Patriots getting prepared to defend our Constitution.


Orison Whipple Hungerford Jr. whoís great-grandfather William Whipple of Kittery Ma.  Signed the Declaration of Independence.                 

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