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Hollywood Cowboy ďExtinctĒ

This is a commentary I do not like to write but someone must do it. It is a tribute to a time in our film history when the Cowboy was the focus and the paycheck for a blossoming, productive, and fun filled Film Industry that I was privileged too spend forty years of my life dedicated too.  It was my life as I went into Warner Bros. at five oíclock in the morning six days a week too work twelve hours plus making black and white one hour, action packed, clean cut, historical stories of the taming of the west and the building of a great Christian nation. Millions of our kids were playing Cowboys and Indians in the streets of Brooklyn to the shores of California. Our founding fathers would have been proud of us for our contribution to moral values and justice to all, for the kids of our nation and the world. These values and principles made our nation great and our TV heroes were  respected all over the world.

 I made Merrills Marauderís in the Philippines with Jeff and  we had the opportunity to go to Japan for a little R and R after the film. I just happened to be in my hotel room in Tokyo when low and behold up on television came Bronco Layne speaking Japanese like a native. I felt a little pride in myself and the contribution our Westerns made to the world as our values and principles as Americans was exposed too receptive viewers world-wide. We were growing and bonding together as a human races, all over the world were enjoying fellowship with each other. Modern transportation had shrunk the planet and our nationís values and concerns for the world was evident to every living soul. As a Cowboy Christian, I could see real merit in what our shows had contributed to the moral education of the children and societies all over the world. The image of America was as a caring loving nation, that had respect and concern for the welfare of the human race was going worldwide.  Little did I realize their was a evil factor in our society  that was out to destroy and demean that image to a point we have now become the scourge of the planet. A new breed of sub humans have taken control of our government and its monetary system. They create wealth out of thin air and their bogus money is in the process of bankrupting our world and sending it into poverty. I am no longer welcomed on the studios lots that I found so enjoyable, and gratifying.  They say old cowboys never die they just ride off into the sunset. Well this old cowboy wonít just ride off in the sunset as he will go out with guns blazing away to expose the injustices of these new age globalists, that have taken over our entertainment industry, monetary system, and our government. You now need faith in the God of this universe and be reminded and He will not forsake his nation of cowboys who want to ride the free range once more.  The cowboy has been isolated too one channel on TV but the impact that he has made in our society will never die and America will turn to God  and again remember itís past and restore itself as a Nation of Caring and Loving people that have respect and love for  all Godís creation. Iím a seventy- eight year old senior that has a health book coming out that will show you a path I have traveled for optimum health that the medical system has tried to cover up.  Stay tuned at my web page,   www.tyhardin.net



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