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My case for belief in Christ. By Ty Hardin

Hi folks. You know when you start to see the wrinkles and arthritis start to set in you begin to take this life we have been given a little more serious. You start thinking not about some of your past mistakes and wonder what life would be like now if you hadnít chosen the path you did. If I hadnít taken the job at Douglas Aircraft in Santa Monica when I finished at Texas A&M I would have never gotten started in Hollywood. I never considered a career in acting. When the contract was offered to me by Paramount Studios, acting was a fantasy world and most actors were not my idea of a real person and still arenít. The only roll model I had was the Duke. After twenty years of living in the fast lane, over a hundred films under my belt, and five marriages gone bad it was time to re-evaluate my life. I was raised in a strict Baptist environment and had been baptized three of four times. I knew about God but I had never needed Him. I found myself doing drugs and booze which almost took me out. You see the bright lights of Hollywood had gone out and the films being offered were garbage. I needed something else to focus my attention on. One Sunday morning I staggered into the First Presbyterian Church on Hollywood Blvd. and I remember very little, except when the alter call came, I went forward to give my life back to Jesus the Christ. That was thirty years ago and I have never considered taking it back. I have had a full life as I enjoyed being in the ministry of our Lord. I left Calvary Chapel where I was ordained by Chuck Smith as we considered that folks were coming to our church for the wrong reasons. I felt I was a stumbling block to their lives and I ask God for another vocation. I couldnít go back to Hollywood as I felt it was serving Satan and His subversive agenda of undermining our values as a Christian Nation. Now at 77 I know I was right, as Hollywood has done a lot to destroy the moral and Godly values in this world. I have watched our leaders send our boys off to fight in their no-win wars for oil and world supremacy. I have seen the devastation we have brought upon the world and watch us go from the most loved people on the planet to the most hated. It time that we, as a Christian based nation, lead by example and not by fear. I am just finishing my auto bio on the last days of democratic freedoms. The present evidence of the collapse of our Christian Democracy is very evident. The true values of life, brotherly love, and reverence to our creator has all but vanished. We Christians and the Pastors need to seriously consider how we can restore our Godly principles and values into our schools and government. We need to project the brotherhood of mankind to all parts of the world not build intimidating Army Basses. There is no vision left in mankind to achieve a better world, as greed and power has replace common sense and Gods influence upon all mankind. Well I got some good news for you this is Gods planet and we are His creation and donít think for one moment He doesnít have an invested interest in what is transpiring on His earth. The God of creation will wake up His body of believers to the injustices in government and the massive bondage to usury. The misery and greed that they have projected against Godís chosen is not going unnoticed. We are naive to think that God blesses injustice and culling of His creation. The whole world is collapsing into total chaos but God will be there to pickup the pieces. Hold to your belief in Our Lord Jesus as you will be called on to be faithful.

In Christ Secure, Ty Hardin

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